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Holocausto’s first album, Campo de Extermínio, is among the most controversial ever released by Cogumelo Records. Its WWII imagery and allusions to Nazi Germany still create a stir today, 20 years after its original release. In May 1987, when the album was first released, many people misunderstood the band’s intentions, believing that it was praising a fascist ideology. In fact, the band intended exactly the contrary, since its lyrics criticized and accused the brutality and abuse which happened throughout the world’s recent history, and which are still present in our days. In that sense, the album is still up to date; the world hasn’t changed in terms of violence and absurd wars, and the exploitation of one man by the other.
After the release of Campo de Extermínio, in 1988, the band recorded the album Blocked Minds, sung in English and with a cross-over musical identity. In 1991 the band released its third album, Negatives, with progressive-thrash tendencies. Its last album, Tozago as Deismno, was released in 1993, and it mixed metal, industrial references with just pure madness.
Holocausto recently regrouped its original line up from the Campo de Extermínio album, and has just released its newest album, De Volta ao Front (Back to the front).
Holocausto is an integral part of Cogumelo’s classic period and should definitely be checked out.


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